Violin repair and set-up

For all violins, the soundpost, tailpiece, pegs etc are a relatively standard set-up, so for these repairs please email me at:

Violin bridges differ from fiddle bridges in that the fiddle bridge is cut flatter to better facilitate droning, and this is how I cut my bridges.

For a classical set-up I suggest you contact an approved violin repairer. Almost everything else I do.

Please note:

Bridge and soundpost position, thickness, shape and fit can make a substantial difference to tonal quality.
So too can a decent set of strings.

A fiddle that has a full sound will give you incentive to play, and a decent bow of the right balance with hair that grips the strings rather than grabs the strings will improve your standard of playing significantly.
Please email me for an assessment. I don't charge for this.
I do not do evaluations of instruments though.