Bow re-hairs & repairs

Generally, all bows are rehaired within 3 days but please email me first at:
with a full list of requirements. Please provide a return address.

Payments through Paypal please and my address will be sent to you by reply email.
I use only high quality white hair and cut new, seasoned sycamore wedges if needed.

All bows are cleaned of resin before the new hair is fitted.

Description Material Price
Violin Bow re-hair Finest white horse hair 25.00
Viola Bow re-hair Finest white horse hair 25.00
Grip Sterling Silver 26 guage wire (includes lapping) 18.39
Lapping Fine black goat skin (frog end only) 8.99
Ebony Frog (fitted) Ebony/Parisian Eye/lined 18.50
Ox-Horn Frog (fitted) Ox-Horn/Parisian/lined 24.99
Bow tip Bone. Cut & fitted (only with rehair). 12.35
Bow tip Sterling Silver. Cut & fitted (only with re-hair). 39.50
Re-bending & straightening * Allow 2 days extra. 12.00
Postage (must be included) No insurance 2.50

For posting bows, use poster tubes (700mm long x 50mm diameter) and surround the tip and frog with polystyrene foam or bubblewrap, and wrap tube in brown parcel paper.

Insurance and/or recorded delivery will cost extra so please advise me by email first.

* Although every care is taken to protect your bow, depending on the varnish type, re-bending and lateral straightening may cause minor blemishes to the varnish

Excluding wear and tear, all workmanship and materials are guaranteed for the life time of the bow other than the varnish during re-bending.

Many thanks - John T